Mon, Dec 4, 2023
How do we stay connected?

Telecom is sexy again. Who would have thought… Covid-19 has created a once in a century challenge, and after a decade of being a toy for innovators and early adopters communication and collaboration technology has been adopted by the early and late majority all at once. Where it took 10 or 20 years for hosted voice and video conferencing to get the first 10-15% of market share, in just a few weeks in 2020 this more than doubled and became the new normal.

In the shadow of a pandemic we are participating in the biggest experiment of our times: how do we stay connected? Digital networks are the fabric of society, now more than before. We work from home and part of our social life has moved to the cloud. What will our new tech-life balance be, once we have found a cure?

In the upcoming SmartCom Summit talk show, hosts Charles Groenhuijsen and Rob Kurver reflect with guests on the next gear in smart communications and what lasting effects it might have on:


Internet usage has been doubling approximately every 2 years, and there seems to be no end in sight as we move more and more of our lives online. How can we sustain this growth, with both fixed and wireless networks, and how can we guarantee quality and availability for the years to come? And what new use cases will this enable in our new smart society?

Smart Everything

One farmer can manage a herd of cows, thanks to smart technology. Is that the future of our industry? Smart factories, smart traffic, smart cities. Artificial intelligence, smart assistants and an internet of things, they seem invented for an age of social distancing. What is the current status? Where are we heading? And who will benefit?

Work Anywhere

Telecommuting, remote working, video conferencing – none of these are new to us, but the acceleration in adoption these past months was mind-boggling. Is our home the new workplace? Will, we ever go back to an office building, and what does it mean if we don’t? And what does the future of education, entertainment and healthcare look like?

Cloud & APIs

Is the new next a world run by Big Tech or is it the fruit of more regional Service Providers and Integrators? Whoever is writing the code, we need an infrastructure and tools that are available to all. What are the drivers for digital acceleration, how will we connect all the bits and pieces, and who are the referees in this new game?


The rise of contextual communications, new customer experiences, enabled by CPaaS. What is this CPaaS and why is it quickly becoming so important? How can telcos and CSPs leverage their core assets and support the increasingly complex requirements of Agile Enterprises in an era of digital acceleration?

Since the events business is also radically affected by the new Covid-19 lifestyle, and in our new online lives we can only stomach so many hours of webinars a day, this SmartCom Summit will be an online event in the form of an engaging live talk show with professional moderators and experts and authorities in this field. The talk show discussions will be added to the SmartCom Summit 2020 Trend Report which will be made available to all viewers early July.


So, please join us for this can’t miss event and register at [use code SUMMITGUEST to get free admission].

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