Mon, Dec 4, 2023
KPN API Store brings carrier grade APIs to agile enterprises

One of the telcos that saw the opportunity in providing carrier-grade APIs to developers at enterprises is Dutch incumbent KPN. The KPN API Store was developed in the KPN Innovation Hub and officially launched in 2019.

APIs play an important role today in developing new propositions or adding functionalities to existing solutions. KPN aims to help businesses move up the innovation curve, transform connectivity processes and increase customer satisfaction.

For this reason, KPN started a one-stop-shop with reliable and secure APIs that businesses may integrate into their applications to improve communication, authentication and security. Thanks to the KPN API Store’s clear documentation and user-friendly ‘one-stopshop’ setup, APIs are easy to test, implement and manage. The Store offers KPN’s own APIs as well as APIs from partner providers, allowing businesses to always find the API best suitable for their needs.

Typical examples of agile enterprises already relying on KPN for their carrier-grade and secure API needs are banks and insurance companies, railways and airlines (eg KLM uses a KPN voice API for calling from tables in their new Crown Lounge), contact centers (eg Contexta365 speech analytics for improved customer support), and municipalities and healthcare app providers like the Beter Dichtbij CPaaS use case here:

Company: KPN API Store
Use Case: Beter Dichtbij

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