Sat, Oct 16, 2021

The blog below is a guest blog of 451 Research.

Summary and key findings, 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise Coronavirus Flash Survey June 2020:

  • Organizations anticipate a long period of altered working conditions past 2021. Nearly half plan to reduce office space while two-thirds do not expect they will resume business travel this year.
  • Organizations are reestablishing IT priorities, slowing down or cancelling some initiatives but accelerating others in key areas.

Conducted in late May and early June, 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise Coronavirus Flash Survey June 2020 shows that, even though organizations are slowing down IT initiatives in several areas in response to the pandemic, digital transformation remains a priority (Figure 1). Survey results show that 62% of respondents expect that overall digital transformation initiatives will remain unaffected or even accelerate, as shown below in Figure 1. Furthermore, most respondents (66%) expect that digital transformation initiatives related to shifting to digital delivery of the customer experience in their organizations will remain unaffected or accelerate, while only 7% report that these initiatives have been delayed.

Long term, we believe the pandemic will prove to be a net positive for the CPaaS segment due to the wave of digital transformation of the customer and employee experiences and increased reliance on mobile technologies brought on by the pandemic. These trends will outlive the crisis and result in increased investment in the technologies that underpin and support this digital transformation, including real-time communications.

Coronavirus outbreak impact on select IT initiatives
Figure 1: Coronavirus outbreak impact on select IT initiatives

Analyst: Raul Castanon (451 Research)

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