Mon, Dec 4, 2023
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The blog below is a guest blog of Speakup.

As one of the first VoIP operators in the Netherlands and even in Europe, Speakup has recently seen and adopted many innovations. The world of Telecommunications is currently facing one of the biggest changes ever. Central to this change is the fact that the telephony center is transformed into central communication software, in which smart links are made based on APIs and integrations. Speakup provides vision and a large set of possibilities. These are the 5 most important developments Speakup sees and guides with solutions:

Telephony becomes Totalcom: an ecosystem of omnichannel communication tools that ensure optimal customer contact and a more efficient primary process.

1. Cloud communication is the standard

The road to the cloud is one that is unstoppable. First, there was the step from ‘on-premise’ to the private cloud, now cloud communication is becoming the standard. Companies assign which people should be linked to the plant. After that, a SIP trunk is embedded and off you go!

2. UC and Video finally breakthrough

After video was almost seen as a lost solution, it finally broke through in Q1 2020. Even before COVID-19, video was about to become very popular, also for business. But the crisis gave the final push that accelerated people’s digital transition.

3. MS Teams is becoming increasingly important

In line with UC’s breakthrough, collaboration software such as SLACK and MS Teams were also quickly embraced. Due to the situation in which people had to work together virtually, MS Teams became the place to share files, chatting with an internal or external team or meeting video.

4. IT and Telecom definitely can’t be separated

It is a theme of the past 10 years: IT and Telecom come together in ICT. For Speakup, the integration of IT and Telecom means that communication becomes part of the digital workplace and that Telecom/Voip is linked to the primary process of CRM and ERP through APIs.

5. Omnichannel is the norm in customer contact

The average consumer no longer wants to call a fixed number by default with a question and then end up in an IVR or queue. A Google search shows someone at a website where they want to be able to make direct calls, chats or video calls. Speakup provides the webRTC techniques that make this possible.

6. Privacy

Privacy is an important focus of these developments and related solutions. At Speakup, freedom is an important part of all solutions. One must have the freedom to choose how, where and when to communicate. Of course, privacy must be guaranteed. Speakup therefore counts privacy and security as one of the spearheads of these and future activities.

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