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Hybrid working: creating “the next normal” in work practices, spaces and culture

The blog below is a guest blog of Poly.

2020 will be the catalyst for hybrid working, offering employees flexibility and choice, and driving productivity through collaboration and communication.


How practices, workspaces and culture will change as we emerge into the “next normal.”


The way we work:

    1. RETHINK WORKING PATTERNS – Policies that prioritize what employees need to be productive.
    2. FOSTER BETTER COLLABORATION – Engaging and productive virtual workspaces.
    3. OPTIMIZE INVESTMENT – Technology-enabled personal workspaces, everywhere.


Rethink workspaces:

  1. ENTERPRISE HOME SET-UPS – Enterprise-grade tech for professional home working spaces.
  2. CO-WORKING SPACES – Choice and flexibility for employees.
  3. SATELLITE OFFICES – Multiple, small offices over more dispersed locations.


A sense of belonging:

  1. EMPOWER LEADERS WITH NEW TECHNIQUES – Invest in managers to empower hybrid working teams.
  2. HARNESS VIRTUAL WAYS TO HEAR, SEE AND WORK TOGETHER – Virtual collaboration and “water cooler” moments.
  3. CONNECT PEOPLE, NOT THINGS AND PLACES – Integrate culture into your digital operations.


  • Home office spaces built into residences
  • Increased flexible work across multiple locations
  • Recruitment over larger demographic areas
  • Work from home; meet in the office, bringing everyone together virtually
  • Smaller company footprints over more dispersed locations
  • Seamless workflows between home and office
  • Technology designed for ease of use with personal devices
  • Only necessary business travel

Work isn’t a place, it’s what you do.

Learn how Poly can help you create the “next normal” in your BUSINESS PRACTICES, SPACES AND CULTURE.

The journey to the next normal - Poly

85% of BUSINESSES believe greater location flexibility has led to an increase in productivity.

70% of PEOPLE will work from home at least some of the time following COVID-19.

EMPLOYEES who feel their voices are heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work

Expert Case: Poly

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