Mon, Dec 4, 2023
BTG partners with SmartCom Summit in 2021

BTG (the Dutch Trade Association for Large ICT and Telecommunication Users) is working together with SmartCom Summit in 2021 to promote the exchange of insights and experiences with new developments in the field of smart communications.

SmartCom Summit will organize three online Summits this year, supplemented with monthly opinion articles from experts in the market, interviews with key players, case stories and best practices. Last year, SmartCom Summit published an annual trend report covering topics such as Future of Work, Smart Society, Broadband, CX/CPaaS, Cloud & APIs, and Internet of Things. BTG works closely with its members and solution partners to resolve market imperfections resulting from these trends. TGG, a subsidiary of BTG, offers as a service organization various products and services that respond to market needs.

Some SmartCom Summit objectives tie in well with our activities, such as those of the BTG expert group Smart Society. BTG works from ecosystems and sees this collaboration as complementary“, says Petra Claessen, CEO BTG/TGG.

The first online Summit under the SmartCom Summit label was produced last Summer, with Dutch journalist and talk show host Charles Groenhuijsen as presenter and moderator. “The BTG/TTG network was precious at the time,” says SmartCom Summit founder Rob Kurver. “This collaboration with both providers and users of SmartCom technology and solutions is a reinforcement of the SmartCom ecosystem that is now rapidly emerging.

This year, three online SmartCom Summits are on the agenda (March 23, June 22, October 26), consisting of a talk show, breakout sessions, online expo and networking. All Summits bring thinkers, decision-makers and users together and are about the impact of, and need for, modern technology on a personal, company and social level: Smart Communications, Smart Companies and Smart Communities.

With online talk shows, trend reports, frequent analyzes, interviews, case stories and opinion-forming messages, SmartCom Summit is growing to be an engaging platform for the ecosystem of providers, distributors and users of smartcom techniques and services.