Fri, Sep 22, 2023
iBASIS Builds Bridges to New Opportunities for Cloud and Carrier Communities

 iBASIS, the leading provider of communications solutions for operators and digital players worldwide, announced today at Cloud Comms Summit that it has joined the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA). 

“iBASIS builds bridges between communities, technologies, and opportunities,” says Guillaume Klein, VP Product Management at iBASIS. “Our mandate is to propel monetization opportunities for the Cloud Communications ecosystem at the incredible pace now demanded by the market.

iBASIS brings to the CCA a diversified technology global perspective with a quarter of a century of leadership in a broad set of connected fields. “With more than 100 patents across multiple products such as IP connectivity, anti-fraud, quality monitoring, and IoT domains, innovation is embedded in our DNA,” adds Klein.

CCA chairman Clark Peterson called iBASIS’ decision to join the CCA “an exciting addition to the CCA membership. Opportunity and innovation are the CCA brand and iBASIS brings those qualities to the table.” Peterson believes that iBASIS will offer CCA members new vistas in expanding their cloud communications practices. iBASIS offers new pathways for traditional carriers to explore and partner with cloud communications companies. “As communications become ubiquitous, both geographically as well as in the integration of fixed and mobile communications, the value of global providers with collaboration tools that enable this ubiquity becomes strategically critical to enable the transformation of the future of cloud communications.”

In today’s announcement, iBASIS identified the launch of their Carrier Voice for Teamwork solution, which enables carriers globally to add PSTN to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other collaboration platforms, as an important milestone in iBASIS’s cloud communications enablement journey.

The iBASIS Carrier Voice for Teamwork™ provides global service availability from and to the cloud via two-way PSTN numbers, delivering native voice service in over sixty markets for global termination. Helping carriers respond to their local Enterprise demand, the solution is built on iBASIS’ established wholesale leadership to drive voice capabilities for Microsoft Teams and deliver proven performance. Carriers like China Telecom Europe, one of their flagship customers, gain quick time-to-market with its pay-as-you-go model, flexible pricing plans, easy configuration, and self-service portal.

Klein adds, “I like bridges and our new CCA membership is a bridge that opens up new possibilities, bringing together carriers and cloud communications companies.” This opens the door for many traditional carrier organizations to offer their existing customer bases a successful migration while retaining business relationships and partnerships that sometimes go back decades.

“We have connected several global CPaaS players to iBASIS’ global network to allow interworking between cloud and traditional networks,” says Klein. “We have also created our own telecom APIs (Number, IoT) and continue to add our own APIs and those of our partners to our marketplace. As an independent carrier, our partnership model enables carriers, service providers, and digital players with all their global communications needs – fixed voice, mobile, messaging, data, IOT – as well as security. Our customers benefit from instant access to a global reach, scale, and expertise so they can offload the complexity of managing international communications to us and focus on their core business.” 

“This is clearly the right time for the CCA story and the iBASIS story to become formally connected,” said Peterson. “The iBASIS membership in the CCA, announced today at our conference, marks another chapter in our organization’s ongoing quest to bring excellence, opportunities, and new business partnerships to our membership.

Cloud Comms Summit is hosted by Cavell, a leading provider of cloud communications market intelligence and leading U.S. peer association.

About iBASIS

iBASIS is the leading communications solutions provider enabling operators and digital players worldwide to perform and transform. Powered by Tofane Global, iBASIS is the first independent communications specialist, ranking third largest global wholesale voice operator, Top 3 LTE IPX vendor with 700+ LTE destinations, and a leading Carrier Cloud Communications player. iBASIS today serves 1,000+ customers across 18 offices worldwide. For more information, please visit


The CCA is a global not-for-profit peer organization of industry-leading companies focused on hosted communications services. We are dedicated to fostering the growth and value of hosted communications and collaboration services for our members, our customers, and the industry. Our members include companies that provide communications services as well as companies that manufacture and provide products and services to Services Providers. Our members service millions of business customers who use hosted communications services, making our Alliance a very significant part of our Industry.

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