Wed, Jun 7, 2023
Embrace Modern Work and Customer Engagement this Winter

The upcoming Winter 2021 SmartCom Summit will kick off on December 7th bigger and better than ever (if we do say so ourselves) with 50+ speakers, 30+ inspiring sessions, talk shows, round table discussions, panels, and masterclasses focused on the subject of modern work and the future of customer engagement.

Because we have so much to offer in this edition, and Covid-19 waves and restrictions are still making event planning challenging, we will publish the content over a period of 10 weeks, starting with a live online kickoff on December 7th hosted again by Charles Groenhuijsen and Rob Kurver.

This way, and by focusing on four tracks (Digital Acceleration, Modern Work, Customer Engagement and Infrastructure&Ecosystems), our community of decision makers can choose to consume the sessions that are most important to them this Winter when it suits them best, while we offer something interesting every week.


With new partners still joining as we speak, the event program is starting to get into final shape, and we’re now scheduling the first studio (and online) sessions. The latest program overview can be found at the event page, along with partners and speakers. As always, we’re working closely with our partners to finetune the program and content, and we’re always open to new partnerships or speaking requests!

We feel privileged to be working with so many thought leaders from our industry on these game changing topics, and with expert moderators specializing on our four tracks. This Winter Series will thus also be the start of the 2022 program, with those same tracks running along to keep telling relevant stories in recognizable formats (round tables, masterclasses, online panel sessions, interviews, use cases, etc). In 2022 we hope to also be able again to organise offline lunch sessions, masterclasses and networking events, in addition to the online activities!

We hope to see you during our SmartCom Summit Winter Series, please register here to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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