Fri, Sep 22, 2023
Live from MWC22: Smart Connectivity for Impact

We’re thrilled to do a live SmartCom Special on Future Connectivity from the Dutch Pavillion at MWC Barcelona 2022 this year!

On March 2, Rob Kurver (SmartCom Summit, The Next Cloud) and Gilbert Relou (Kaleido Intelligence Consulting) will talk to thought leaders from Enreach (Bertrand Pourcelot), Simfony (Joachim de Wild), iBasis (Ajay Joseph), KPN (Jan Rijk Vonk), Mavenir (Eddie DeCurtis) and Riab Telecom (Olaf Mueller) about the latest trends in mobile, IOT, APIs and cloud, and about the impact on the mobile/telco industry as innovation accelerates. We conclude with a special guest appearance by Raluca Berchiu, Customer Experience Strategist, to talk about the need for new leadership and focus on customer focus.

This hybrid session can be attended live in Barcelona, at MWC Hall 5 A31 (next to the Dutch Pavillion), or online at the NLMWC event site.

14:00 MWC22 Highlights & Industry Trends

We look at the biggest news from MWC this week. What trends do we see? What disruptions? And how does this relate to latest industry insights from Kaleido and SmartCom Summit?

14:10 Accelerating to Mobile and Cloud

  • Bertrand Pourcelot, Managing Director @Enreach for Service Providers
  • Javier Martin, CEO @Summa Networks

As we move from mobile-also to mobile-first to mobile-centric, how will UC and Hybrid Work be impacted? What does this mean to the user experience? And what role will mobile operators play, how can they add value to the enterprise?

14:35 Future of IOT

  • Joachim de Wild, CEO @Simfony an iBasis IOT Service
  • Ajay Joseph, CTO & IOT Head @iBasis

The recent acquisition of Simfony by iBasis demonstrates the growing importance of global IOT solutions in today’s digital world, but why exactly? What are the IOT use cases most impacted, what Smart Communities can we expect? And how can mobile operators benefit from this trend?

15:00 Build, Buy or Partner for MNOs and Telcos

  • Jan Rijk Vonk, Strategic Advisor Innovation @KPN
  • Eddie DeCurtis, VP Global Business Development – Enterprise Connect @Mavenir

With the current digital acceleration, how can operators innovate while still ensuring quality, security and reliability? How important are open source and public cloud? And who will take the lead in these new ecosystems?

15:25 The Need for Customer Focus & Inclusivity

  • Raluca Berchiu, Customer Experience Strategist
  • Olaf Mueller, Founder @Riab Telecom

With the current focus on innovation, the customer is key. How does that challenge this industry and its leadership? Where to start with the necessary transformations? What can we expect to see next year(s)?

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