Mon, Dec 4, 2023

👉 Please check the event page for more details about the program, speakers and partners, and to register for the online or onsite event!

The future of work will be agile and hybrid, this much is clear by now. After a two year experiment we are transitioning to a next normal of working from anywhere, anytime, anyway. Work/life balance makes way for work/life integration, where well-being and effectiveness are key, and this requires leadership, HR and technology to join forces to make this transition!

At TeamsTime 2022, HR, technology and leadership experts get together to share and discuss where we are today, what the benefits and challenges are of this next normal, and how to make first or further steps in this transformation.


There is no one size fits all in this hybrid work normal, different roles and characters and organizations ask for different solutions, and the individual’s personal involvement is key. The supporting technology exists and is only getting better, but management and leadership is challenged to (re)define purpose and objectives, and to create the culture and (new) structures for everybody to flourish and collaborate.

So simple and obvious, right? An optimal employee experience guarantees happy customers and competitive advantage. But, what does this look like in practice, and – the million dollar question – how do you take care of that!? How do you create such an environment? What does this require from leadership, how important is purpose, vision, strategy? And what technology stack (collaboration platform, endpoints, integrations, security) supports this? And how do you guarantee adoption, what does this ask from leadership?


As we move from hierarchy to network organisation, from span of control to span of support, creating deeper connections becomes more important then ever. At every level: within the teams, with our customers and also with partners. This transition to new ways of working requires a new level of collaboration, a shift to ecosystem thinking, a new mindset. While this may be natural for some, it will also be challenging to many, and sharing, learning and coaching will be key in this process.

TeamsTime Live

To facilitate the sharing and in the spirit of making new connections, SmartCom Summit has joined forces with HRcommunity, MSP Society and Microsoft this year, to create a day packed with live online talkshows, HR round tables, expo, power sessions, and of course plenty of time for networking and real life connections with drinks and food. Prior to the event more than 40 interviews with thought leaders have been recorded and shared online, and after the live event more recordings will be made available. After the Summer break all will be summarized in a report on the state of TeamsTime, with the entire ecosystem represented.

Please check the event page for more details about the program, speakers and partners, and to register for the online or onsite event!

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