Fri, Sep 22, 2023

CPaaS represents a significant disruption to the Telco industry as we know it today. A massive 40% annual growth opportunity now exists growing from $11B in 2020 to a forecasted amount of more than $25B. Gartner expects that 50% of all companies around the globe will be making use of CPaaS in one way or another by 2023.

“The business communications space is being disrupted by CPaaS, a platform-based approach for delivering real-time communications that has emerged as a critical component of business continuity and digital transformation. This approach is set to become the dominant model for business communications.” So explains Raul Castanon, Research Analyst, Workforce Productivity and Collaboration, S&P Global Market Intelligence.

“This is a massive opportunity for Telco operators, carriers, and CSPs,” said Nethercott, new CPaaS Acceleration Alliance Managing Partner. “CPaaS has clearly moved beyond the introductory stage to full-on acceleration mode bringing with it a number of critical issues that CSPs need to implement to capture and scale. The CPaaS Acceleration Alliance is focused on helping CPaaS enablers and CSPs around the world by developing a community of like-minded organizations where information and best practices can be shared to drive next-level business. I’m excited to join the team and share my decade-plus CPaaS enablement experience.”

Kevin joins CPaaS Acceleration Alliance founder Rob Kurver in helping drive the next generation of CPaaS growth through CSPs and enabling technology companies. In 2023, the Alliance will be launching a series of helpful webinars, newsletters, (online and offline) meetups, round tables and white papers to its members.

About CPaaS Acceleration Alliance

The CPaaS Acceleration Alliance brings together CPaaS enablers, CSPs and industry experts to help CSPs with their strategy, partnerships, go-to-market, business development and customer success. As more partners join, CPaaSAA is creating a unique industry forum by which ideas and information can be shared for the mutual growth of all of its members.

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Over the past 30 years Rob (co-)founded various tech companies, including one of the leading Dutch hosted voice providers (before hosted voice became the new normal). Today, he works with telcos/CSPs and some of the world’s leading technology providers on innovation and growth, especially in the rapidly changing world of cloud communications and CPaaS. Rob has this crazy belief that the strengths of corporates and innovators should be combined in new ecosystems to create optimal customer experience, new business models and solutions for some of today’s big problems.

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