Mon, Dec 4, 2023
Guiding CSPs on Their Journey UP

Recently, Iain Sinnott, Head of International Carrier Sales at Enreach for Service Providers, sat down with Rob Kurver to discuss the future of business communications post-pandemic, and the role that service providers can play in helping businesses adapt to this new reality. They also talked about the importance of focusing on the outcomes for customers and forming the right partnerships in order to stay ahead of the competition.

So, what is the new reality for business communications post-pandemic and how can service providers help businesses adapt? Let’s take a closer look.

Outcomes vs Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adapt and find new ways of working, and as a result, many have come to view technology as a way to improve and transform their internal and external communication. This shift in mindset is a significant change, as technology was previously often seen as a cost rather than an opportunity.

The key to success for service providers in this new reality is to focus on the outcomes for their customers, rather than just talking about the technology itself. This means taking the time to truly understand what a customer needs and being able to show the return on investment (ROI) from a particular product. If a customer can see the value in one product, they are more likely to be interested in purchasing others.

Service Providers and Partnerships

Established carriers, with their history, experience, and relationships with customers, are well-positioned to help guide their customers through the digital transformation process. However, it’s important for these carriers to be proactive and put in the work to partner with innovators and deliver technology that addresses tangible outcomes for customers.

Iain emphasized the importance of partnerships. By combining service providers’ relationships and understanding of their customers with Enreach’s innovation, carriers can stay ahead of the competition in a fast-changing market. Enreach takes pride in its commitment to its partners, recognizing that its own success is tied to the success of its partners. As a white label option, Enreach provides innovative converged contact solutions to its partners.

In conclusion, the pandemic has changed the way businesses view technology, and service providers have a significant opportunity to meet the needs of their customers and drive innovation. By focusing on outcomes and forming the right partnerships, carriers can stay ahead of the competition and guide their customers through the digital transformation process.

Watch the full interview below.

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