Fri, Sep 22, 2023

SmartCom Summit 2021 Spring

On March 23rd, 2021, some of the best brains in the smart communications industry came together in this online smart fest. Instead of another event full of the same old boring set of slides, company presentations and monotonic delivery we packed our 3 hours with lively and engaging discussions, round tables and panel sessions where participants were able to tap into and participate in high energy conversations led by professional moderators.

If you missed it, no worries, we’ll be posting the videos as well as blogs and other content on this site soon so just keep following us!

SmartCom Summit Spring 2021

As we emerge from a series of lockdowns, we are realising that the world we live and work in does not look the same any more. Working from anywhere has become the new normal, and for many of us, a computer screen is now our new office for eight or more hours a day. That’s great for some roles and tasks, but it can also prove challenging for creative processes, connecting with people or decision making. Moreover, while technology is developing at a rapid pace, the real challenges ahead lie not with technology but with organisations, teams, leadership and deeper connections.

    • Smart Communications:
      Online conversations, across a diversity of channels, have become the new normal for shopping, business, schooling and now even healthcare. What is next? Agile enterprises are now coming on board and more industries accelerate their digital transformation, but who will help them?
    • Smart Companies:
      The Future of Work is dawning. After almost a year of lockdowns, online meetings have become the new normal and collaboration platforms have replaced VoIP and UCaaS as the main internal communications hub. New hubs replace old ways of working, but how can these digital platforms bring real improvement?
    • Smart Communities:
      With Work from Anywhere the next normal, the role of our metropoles as talent pools is changing. Especially large companies are shrinking their presence, moving offices, and allowing staff to work from home as much as they like, to reduce costs and tap into a more diverse and distributed talent pool worldwide. How will this effect the world we live in, the way we connect, and new leadership?