Mon, Feb 6, 2023
Gilbert Relou
Company Kaleido Intelligence Consultancy

Gilbert Relou

International Telecom Strategist

The global market for mobile communication is where much of Gilbert’s  20+ years’ experience in international (data) communication has been focused at. Often described as an evangelist by motivating change, introducing new ideas and creating partnerships.

At KPN and iBasis he has been a driving force in building relationships with dozens of mobile network operators and solution providers globally. Focused on innovation, leading a Business Development team to enable roaming and data connectivity with interoperability between technologies.

In 2022 Gilbert joined Kaleido Intelligence, a specialist consulting and market research firm across the roaming & connectivity sector and known for its Vendor Hub source of roaming vendors worldwide.

In a world of digital transformation with Telco moving to Cloud with a new open 5G ecosystem enabling devices (IoT) and collaboration tools to be globally connected it is important to understand technology and to oversee the bigger picture. Hybrid models emerge with arbitrage telco solutions as important enablers for global coverage.  A new revenue potential for networks to guarantee Cloud and IoT access in a secure and sustainable way.