Mon, Jul 26, 2021


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Work Anywhere

Breakthrough of remote working & video communications/collaboration

  • Is Work from Home the New Normal

  • Drivers and requirements for success in Telehealth, Education

  • Creating the optimal Home Office

Smart Everything

The workplace is getting smart

  • IoT, Voice Assistants, Speech Analytics, AI Is the future big tech or do we need local trusted players?

  • Smart Cities, Smart Traffic, Smart Homes, Smart Offices

Cloud, SaaS & APIs

Cloud, SaaS and APIs increasingly connecting Telecom and IT systems

  • Telecom & IT increasingly intertwined

  • Data, Privacy and the business case for Edge Computing

  • Smart Combinations & low code/no-code Solutions


The Rise of CPaaS and Contextual Communications

  • What is CPaaS and why is it growing so fast

  • How can Telcos and CSP leverage their core assets?

  • CPaaS2.0 – hybrid solutions for the Agile Enterprise


Broadband, 5G and the need for
performance and reliability

  • Network quality, reliability and performance

  • Do we really need 5G and (more) Fiber?

  • The future of SD-WAN to serve smart communications