Fri, Jun 25, 2021


About SmartCom Summit

We live in an era of unprecedented change, and our next normal is being built on smart communication technology.

SmartCom Summit was started to bring insight, knowledge, meaning and connection to the entire ecosystem responsible for creating this change, through online and offline events, market intelligence and best practices.

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Rob Kurver

Rob Kurver
Founding Partner

Dominique Kneepkens

Dominique Kneepkens
Marketing Manager

Laila van Hooff
Event Manager


About DDG

“DDG Smart Marketing is a dedicated event agency that specializes in delivering events and event focused marketing communication for the technology industry. We have boutique offices in most European countries so we can offer local support.”

We are an energetic team of proactive event focused professionals, dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives. Delivering innovative and smart events and acting as your extended marketing communication office, always with a smile.

Companies are just like humans, they all have a unique personality. When we created our values, we wanted to avoid vague statements that didn’t mean anything to our team. Instead, we asked our team to choose the words they felt best reflected who we are and what we stand for. With input from everyone we captured the words, they aren’t regulations they’re more like the DNA that runs through us. We hope sharing them here will help you get to know us better.