Mon, Dec 4, 2023
SCS Summer 2021 Talk Show and Beach BBQ

It’s a wrap! The SCS Summer 2021 Beach BBQ, our first hybrid SmartCom Summit. And it was a great one!

In a relaxed beach club in Scheveningen, various business leaders, innovators, and members from our community came together. To enjoy a good BBQ, to network in person (finally!), and share some insights into whatever it takes for businesses and modern leaders to keep up with innovations.

Because in life there’s one constant. Change. In 1964, a young guy named Bob Dylan already knew this. He wrote the famous song “The Times They Are A-Changin'”, a song which of course had nothing to do with changes and innovation in SmartCom but proved prophetic over the years in the way it stressed the importance of being agile and flexible in regards to changes in society.

In today’s fast-changing economy this rings more true than ever. Developments in the smart communication industry already happen at lightning speed. Throw in a global crisis like COVID and the whole process of innovation only gets skyrocketed.

But how do companies do that? How can organizations and leaders go above and beyond? And make sure they do not only survive but also thrive by embracing change and seizing opportunities so they come out on top?

Inspiring conversations about change

Charles Groenhuijsen and Rob Kurver tried to find answers to these (and other) questions and talk about changing times, embracing innovation, sleeping giants and elephants in the room.

In 7 inspiring conversations with guests from Microsoft, KPN, Red Hat, iBasis, Telestax, Audiocodes, Simfony, Logitech, and oneCentral they elaborated on various topics including: innovation with customers and employees in mind, the future of the modern workplace, agile companies, IOT, modern leadership, new business models, open transformation, hybrid companies and how businesses can stay relevant in a world that moves at hyperspeed.

Missed out on our event or want to watch it again?

No problem. We’ve got you covered. Go ahead and view the whole talk show below.

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