Fri, Sep 22, 2023
Embrace CPaaS as part of iBASIS’ Cloud Communications as a Platform

The blog below is a guest blog of iBASIS.

Decreasing Average Revenue Per User urges operators and service providers to do something new. Main question is how they keep and attract customers, innovate and move up in the value stack. The growth in the communication market is driven by over the top solutions, and COVID-19 is only accelerating this trend. To drive new revenue streams, service providers need to further engage enterprises with innovative offerings. But to build it themselves takes too long and to buy it is too expensive. Partnering with innovators is the quick and easy way to test the market.

Communication Platform as a Service

iBASIS is the leading communications solutions provider enabling operators and digital players worldwide to perform and transform. They are introducing Cloud Communications as a platform to enable operators and service providers to embrace CPaaS to quickly offer a diverse and innovative experience to their enterprise customers.

Quote: “The growth in the market is driven by Over The Top solutions supported by the next generation network. According to Gartner already 90% of today’s IT leaders are buying Cloud Comms and by 2022 Enterprises will spend 4X more on CPaaS”, says Juniper Research.

iBASIS Cloud Communications as a Platform (CCaaP) is a complete programmable telecom stack enabled with CPaaS, as a service. It leverages building blocks based on CPaaS and API solutions and enables operators and service providers to offer ready-to-go solutions that have a short time-to-market, like Live Support, Teams Direct Calling, Contact Center, Multi Line or 2FA. This way they gain advantage of maintaining their domestic fixed and mobile termination fees through the independent iBASIS network, no matter where the customer is in the cloud.

Expert: iBASIS

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