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Open Transformation as the Next Normal

Future leaders have their work cut out for them. To succeed in the digital economy of the 21st century, a change of course is needed. Even though technology is the big driver behind the need for change, the change itself is not so much about technology as it is about mindset and culture. It involves transparency, adaptability, collaboration, innovation and a different approach to leadership.

During the SCS Summer 2021 Summit leaders from Red Hat and Simfony dropped by and shared their visions about open transformation and the implications for modern leadership with Rob Kurver (The Next Cloud) and Charles Groenhuijsen.

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Winds of change at the Mobile World Congress 2021

2020 was a challenging year for many. The pandemic taught us how we can do things better and it changed the role that technology plays in our lives. Tools we relied on in the past quickly proved useless which made organizations rethink their approach and redefine their methods for success.

Rob Kurver (The Next Cloud) and Joachim de Wild (Simfony) were among the 20 thousand that attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, where they witnessed a feeling of change and opportunity that was almost tangible.

Rob Kurver explains: “MWC used to be more traditional with large corporate players, but there was a totally different vibe now. There were innovators, all sorts of cloud providers, Microsoft. It was much more about change and the innovations the mobile telco industry needs to go through.” Joachim adds: “and not only startups, Elon Musk was there to talk about how he’s challenging the mobile industry with SpaceX. There was definitely a buzz, a vibe that was different from past years.”


Innovation as key to success

The ability to be consistently innovative and flexible is crucial to gain (and keep) an edge on the competition. And not only that, one of the most valuable assets of any company is its workforce. To ensure the health and happiness of employees, an innovative approach throughout all parts of an organization is key for retention of both customers and employees.

The thing about innovation is that it’s not something that just happens, it needs to be carefully planned for and facilitated. Opening up is a way to do that. Open organizations have advantages over traditional companies, they are more agile and able to innovate faster, and profit from increased customer and employee engagement.

With so much change in the way people work and live, if telcos and other corporates open up, there are some real opportunities for them. But they need to start thinking in a different way, collaborate with newcomers and take advantage of new technologies.


How to implement Open Transformation

Stefan Van Oirschot from Red Hat, a tech company where openness is ingrained in the DNA,  points in the direction of 5 key characteristics of open organizations. To start, he explains, “inventarize how you do according to the characteristics of open organizations and figure out where you are and what steps to take next”.


  • Transparency

A big first step towards openness is transparency. Things like data, processes, decision-making, and tools should be transparent and widely accessible both internally as well as externally.


  • Inclusivity

For an organization, being inclusive means having a diverse workforce, making sure that all voices are heard, and that there is easy access to leadership. Meritocracy is a big part of inclusivity “since it doesn’t matter where the best idea comes from” according to Stefan.


  • Adaptability

Future customers expect more, and they want it faster. Organizations need to critically assess their feedback loops, find ways to shorten them, and implement methods for continuous learning.


  • Collaboration

Working together is a way to supercharge efforts and produce great results. Within teams, throughout various departments, and externally with other companies and partners, resellers, system integrators, and across platforms.


  • Community

Modern leadership involves being a coach, visionary, and manager all in one. Creating a sense of community in your company means generating a shared feeling of purpose and a general sense of direction.


Delve deeper into the world of innovation and digital transformation

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